'Try it' with Trinity

Funded by the National League Trust, our 'Try it' with Trinity project aims at giving young children, older adults and those with a disability an opportunity to try new sports.

What we will do......

Provide opportunities for young children to participate in their first sport experience and encourage pupils with poor attendance and engagement at school to improve and for older members of the population (55+) to try sports they once played or new inclusive sports. We also aim to provide suitable, safe and fun activities for people with disabilities.


Reach out to young children to start to develop active habits by ensuring their first sporting experience is a positive one.


Target 3 schools in deprived areas to engage children with low attendance or poor attitude to learning.


Target older adults to improve their health and all round well-being by increase participation and reducing the number of older adults who may become socially isolated.


Engage with and provide suitable sports and social activities for individuals with physical and learning disabilities.