Light up your Lockdown

Gainsborough Trinity Foundation Lights up your Lockdown
Gainsborough Trinity F.C Players and members of the Gainsborough Trinity Foundation unite to Light up Lockdown for the local community in November.

The Light up your Lockdown initiative launched Wednesday 11 November, and encourages Gainsborough residence of all ages to get involved in 10 fun activities during the month of November.

Each household is a ‘Home Team’ and players of all ages can take part. If a ‘Home Team’ completes all 10 of these fun cost-free activities, each player who played a part, will be reward with a prize.

That’s not all, Gainsborough Trinity Foundation will also be awarding special prizes for the best players in the categories, of best male, female, U18, and U12. Prizes include season tickets, mascot experience, new season shirts, family meals at the VENUE, and much more.

Richard Kane, Chairman of Gainsborough Trinity FC and Gainsborough Trinity Foundation commented:

“I am really pleased to be involved in this initiative to keep families active during the pandemic. We know that lockdown is having a profound impact on mental health, and the ‘Light up your Lockdown’ campaign is something that everyone can get involved in, and have some fun with.”

The UK mental health charity Mind reports ‘More than half of adults (68%) and over two thirds of young people (58%) have said their mental health got worse during lockdown’

Damon Parkinson Head of Operations added:

“Many people are feeling worried, anxious, or even isolated at the moment, the Light up your Lockdown campaign hopes to highlight the things that everyone can do, whether with their family, a pet, or alone to relax and to look after their mental wellbeing. What's more, there are some great activities to get involved in, including an opportunity to design the new GTFC pre-season shirt.”

The 10 activities don’t require any special equipment, and won’t cost a penny. Complete all 10 and each player of the ‘home team’ (household member), will receive a prize.
Please note; each player doesn’t have to complete all activities, it’s a team effort.
The challenges:
• ‘Walk it'- Go for an autumnal walk
• ‘Play it’, Have a kick about, play on the PlayStation, or get out the board games
• ‘Build it’, Dig out the Lego, or make a tower of tins and cans, just watch out for the
• ‘Cook it’, Experiment with something new, or treat yourself to your favourite tea
• ‘Watch it’, We all enjoy a good movie, or maybe a match, it’s your choice
• ‘Design it’, Can you design the new pre-season GTFC shirt?
• ‘Dance it’, It’s like a mini-vacation for your mind, it’s good for you
• ‘Hug it’ Grab a pet, a loved one, a teddy and give it a squeeze
• ‘Trash it’, Have a clear out, a tidy up, or pick up some litter, recycle
• ‘DIY it’, Paint something, mend something, do that job you never get around too

During the next 4 weeks, club players and members of the Gainsborough Trinity Foundation will be getting involved with their families, and videos and photos will be available to enjoy on Facebook and Instagram @GainsboroughTrinityFoundation.

To join in, send your ‘Team Name’ via Facebook message to Gainsborough Trinity Foundation or email your ‘Team Name’: All participants must tag @gainsboroughtrinityfoundation in their photos on Facebook or Instagram, as they complete the activities. If you do not have a social media account, please email your 10 photo entries by 2 December 2020.

All activities must be complete by 2 December 2020
Prizes will be awarded on 3 December 2020
Please note; prizes will be redeemed when it is safe to reopen facilities.