• Education and Training -To support the education of children, young people and adults, enabling everyone to achieve their academic potential using sport as a tool for engagement.

  • Advancement of health -To promote good health by increasing awareness and knowledge whilst promoting good habits and encouraging sport participation.

  • Amateur Sport -To provide and to support others to provide a range of facilities and opportunities for people to participate in a range of sport, recreation, physical activity and other leisure time opportunities with the aim of maintaining and improving people’s health and quality of life.

  • Community Development / Employment -To establish and maintain partnerships to empower people to improve their lives and communities through participation and development of community cohesion.

  • General Charitable Purposes -For the general purposes of such charitable bodies or for such other exclusively charitable purposes in each case as the trustees may from time to time decide.


  • Humility to take on challenging projects and to display our values.

  • Respect for everyone involved.

  • Collaboration to work with partners and communities effectively.

  • Commitment to helping others and working hard.

  • Resilience to keep going when things get tough.

  • Trust to develop strong relationships with our partners and communities that we work with.